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Toe prep that turned into a cement integrity failed!

The First Contestant: 

- Thats because the casing was pushed up!! Hence the failed test. Never seen any rig cut casing with that much stick up.
The Second Contestant: 
- After looking more at this, this could be the result of sub standard pipe.

The Third Contestant:

- They pumped over volume to fill the hole and over pressured possibly due to a missed plug or collapsed casing causing casing to rise.
The Fourth Contestant:
- The surface csg "Casing" should have had cmt"cement to surface that’s why you don’t have to bond log surface unless you don’t get cmt to surface during initial or top out cmting. 

Fifth Contestant:

- Pumping through a 2×1 valve, the treating lines seem very rigid which could part due to hammer effects on the lines. "Don't play with the tigers tail"!

The sixth contestant:
- Nobody ran a pre-frac  casing stretch program; during stimulation operations, job screened out.  Pulled the casing in two, and pumped it up in the air 10 ft.
That this pic does not show 2 or 3 thousand ft of casing spaghettied all over location in a giant muck-pit.  Looks like the treating iron had enough weight and strength to keep the casing from flying completely out the hole.
The seventh contestant:
- The cause: poor cementation and absence of hold down ring between the 20 "housing and the 13 5/8 compact housing
The eighth contestant
There is 2 options 
1)  something happened during a pumping or pressurizing intervention on the well which caused the tubing section to rise 
2) I'm not sure the supervisor is competent
Pressure test line not secure, poor distribution of the weight of the lines, no scaffolding for handling the valves, contamination of petroleum products around the well . I am surprised and shocked at this installation.
The ninth contestant:
- No Cement behind surface casings: prob coukdnt get a formation break down on frac ,and  pressured up and launched the casing.  See the black staining around the Wellhead.  Indicates liquids. ?
The tenth contestant:
- Look at the how the pipes are bending and the black stains in the surrounding area. This is all wrong
The eleventh contestant:
- Pretty sure the iron was on the deck and fairly tidy before this pic was taken. That casing has been forced out of the hole during whatever they were doing.

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This exam was in one of the personal interviews of one of the oil companies,and we collected many responses that you can read now and benefit from.

The First Contestant: 
This occurred when unset down hole plug with out equalizing pressure above plug due to trapped pressure below it
The Second Contestant: 
This may be from back pressure from well or Going up very fast It's called Back pressure off and also occured due to Oparet the machine with low tension wire feed lope
The Third Contestant:
Plug bit and formation pressure is greater than HP while BOP seals not holding after closing.
The Fourth Contestant:
This are some reason why it happened, bit plugged, well kick and the BOP not holding.
Fifth Contestant:
Lack of attention. If it deal carefully and make sure each and everything then any reason either it is well kick or other can not to do so.

The First Contestant: 
I see no problem P/U the blocks & and go back to making hole, just saying
Top of the picture suggests possible drill line part...just a guess on abnormal drill line wear without cut/slip?
The Second Contestant: 
Maybe hydraulic the pipe out of the hole. or You can pull down sometimes when pushing isn't enough!
Looks like pipe slide up indicating hydraulic out of hole possibly into pipe rams
The Third Contestant:
I’m tried working here down hole instead of doing a bit trip got stuck tried working up and down to break free but couldn’t even go down cuz you had no room to play with
Brakes over camming not adjusted properly or possibly linkage pin came out
The Fourth Contestant:
Don’t drill surface with 2 pumps running
Fifth Contestant:
Looks like the main line jumped the shivs and got wedged in between the rollers on the block and when the operator picked up the load it picked up the block.
Sixth Contestant:
The driller will blame it on the directional driller! No company man, TP or driller will accept accountability for any screw ups on location! “The auto driller malfunctioned!”
The seventh Contestant:
A few possibilities. Pumped out of the hole. Or Drilling with a rope on brake handle with no one watching, and it slacked off faster than it was drilling. Or Hit a bridge while making a connection, and didn't stop fast enough.
Eighth Contestant:
Chain the brake down and just hope it drills off before the tool pusher & office find out you fell asleep at your job.
Hydrauliced outta the hole boys , or drilled through something and went pipe light