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Oilfield Interview Questions

Sometimes we need a lot of interview questions to be always ready for the interview:

The First Contestant: 

A strobe is missing from the spider and the Pumping Beam, it should have a vibration sensor, and the engine should have stopped and motion stopped.

The Second Contestant: 

IMHO, the Pumping Beam It should have a vibration sensor that cuts off the power, in starter board or soft start frequency converter (ABB, Telemechanics, Schneider Electric, Siemens, etc ...), to avoid further damage.

The Third Contestant:

Apparently one of the crosshead straps holding the pump stem safety clip and the depth pump and rod string has been cut. The strange thing is that it is not seen, the other strap. With an RCA (Root Cause Analysis) it can be determined accurately "on site".

My Recommendations: 

1) Put integral perimeter protection fence.

2) Paint with the appropriate PANTONE color, the danger areas, but completely (

3) Install, if you do not have a locking safety brake 

4) Install a lifeline to the main beam, in its entirety, to hook the operator's safety harness.

The Fourth Contestant:

Build up of gas on the backside and a vapor locked pump cause the rods to hydrologically lock and suspended the string while the unit kept on keepin on. If I was guessing or it was sanded and stuck, or the rod parted and stacked out on a collar real good. Won’t know till you pull it.

Fifth Contestant:

The pump Sanded off and the polish rod stayed stationary and the bridal sling fell off since the pumping jack kept pumping. My guess

The First Contestant: 
This occurred when unset down hole plug with out equalizing pressure above plug due to trapped pressure below it
The Second Contestant: 
This may be from back pressure from well or Going up very fast It's called Back pressure off and also occured due to Oparet the machine with low tension wire feed lope
The Third Contestant:
Plug bit and formation pressure is greater than HP while BOP seals not holding after closing.
The Fourth Contestant:
This are some reason why it happened, bit plugged, well kick and the BOP not holding.
Fifth Contestant:
Lack of attention. If it deal carefully and make sure each and everything then any reason either it is well kick or other can not to do so.