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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

$90 Per diem, 6/12’s: Welders, Pipe Fabricators, and Ironworkers Needed for work Starts Feb 1.

What Austin Industrial is hiring for?

Austin Industrial is hiring Welders-ComboPipe Fabricators, and Ironworkers for work starts this coming Monday at ADM Corn Plant in Decatur, Illinois.

Job Information:

Location: ADM Corn Plant Decatur, Illinois
●Per diem is $90/days worked
●Starts Feb 1, this coming Monday
●Working 6/12’s on nights.
●Working for 7-8 weeks.
●Must be able to read blue prints and have verifiable experience.
Waiting on travel pay and rate confirmation (should get that shortly)

Application Info:

Apply for these positions directly on Austin Industrial website.
  • Welders-Combo
  • Pipe Fabricators
  • Ironworkers
Heads up: Updated at Wed 14:16. WTX time.
All positions have been filled Thank you.
You can Try looking for more craft jobs for Austin Industrial on
Indeed: Here.
Austin Industrial careers: Here.

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Laborers Needed for long-term Shutdown Project in Texas. (Lots of OT,16hr/days).
$40/hr+$120 Per diem + Travel, 7/12's: Welders Needed for 2 months Turnaround starts Feb 2021 in Texas.

  • About work:

This job consists of two vessels approximately 18' diameter by 25' tall with lattice supports inside that get demoed and replaced.  Some of the shell will be replaced as well.  The anion vessel will have the dome bottom replaced with a flat bottom.  The walls of these vessels are almost 1" thick so there is a lot of welding.
Experience – 3-5 years of Journeyman level experience.


●Loretta Hernandez 
Sr Craft Recruiter
 Austin Industrial website.

Austin Industrial:

Premier provider of safe, reliable, and innovative maintenance, construction, and soft craft services to industrial customers construction, maintenance, turnaround, specialty, and plant services to the oil, gas and chemical, power, and manufacturing industries and food & beverage industries  for more than 75 years.
Austin Industrial is a merit shop, 100% employee-owned company.
Austin Industrial is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities.

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