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Complete Drilling Crew Needed in Alaska: Floors, Derricks, Welders, Motorman, Roustabouts & More.

All American Oilfield, Chugach Alaska Corporation, posted on their careers website 11 Job openings for Toolpusher ,Drillers, Motorman, Floorhands, Roustabouts, Welders, Expeditor, Electricians, Pit Watchers. Positions posted Jan 16, 2020. Schedule: Full Time.
Jobs location is COOK INLET Kenai, AK, USA.
● Apply online on Chugach website.
🔶About Chugach:
Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach) is an Alaska Native Corporation capable of meeting the needs of government and private industries through sound corporate practices founded on integrity. Our companies combine high-quality operations with best value management services. Our history of exceptional value and stellar customer service has earned us recognition as a leader in our industries.
ALL AMERICAN OILFIELD, LLC 14896 Kenai Spur Highway, Suite 203 Kenai, AK, 99611
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